A thing that can be said safely about Munisyari, where ever your eyes will go, you will always find snow clad mountains as well as chirping birds in front of your eyeline.

Nestled in Panchakuli mountain ranges at 2400 Meters, it’s a paradise for birds and birders alike.  Munsiyari has birds all round in all seasons.  In winters it offers lesser and more habitable temperatures to Eurasian species like Gold Finches, Thrushes, Redstarts. These species are followed by Sparrow Hawks, after all how long a prey can be kept away from Predators.

The rocky cliffs and barren trees offer adobe to a multitude of birds like snow pigeons, Griffons, Himalayan Griffons as well as the most elusive and rare the bearded one aka Lammergeier.

Munsiyari offers all kinds of habitats to birds and birders alike.  It has dry  grass slopes, offering food and residence to finches. It has mountain slopes covered with sparsely marked broad leaved trees giving shelter to the flagship species of Himalayas “The Himalayan Monal”.

Green grass slopes hold one more gem of Himalayas “The Koklass Pheasant”.

 The rocky grass slopes are home to Cheer Pheasants.

This winter’s we went to Munsiyari and came back with various delighful frames as well as Joyful memories.

See the trip album on our YouTube Channel to be a part of our journey


The Bird Checklist is as below

Sr. No Bird Names
1  *Bearded Vulture*
2  *Black-throated Thrush* — First winter plumage.
3  *Blue-capped Redstart*
4  *Blue-fronted Redstart*
5  *Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush*
6  *Chestnut-tailed Minla — Bar winged minla*
7  *Dark-breasted Rosefinch*
8  *Gray-crested Tit*
9  *Gray-winged Blackbird*
10  *Greater Yellownape*
11  *Himalayan Beautiful Rosefinch*
12  *Himalayan Bluetail*
13  *Himalayan Griffon*
14  *Himalayan White-browed Rosefinch*
15  *Lesser Yellownape*
16  *Plain Mountain-Finch*
17  *Rock Bunting*
18  *Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher*
19  *Slaty-blue Flycatcher*
20  *Small Niltava*
21  *Tawny Fish-Owl*
22  *White-tailed Nuthatch*
23  *White-throated Laughingthrush*
24  accentor sp. — Brown accentor
25  Altai Accentor
26  Ashy Drongo
27  Black Bulbul
28  Black Francolin
29  Black Kite
30  Black-chinned Babbler
31  Black-headed Jay
32  Black-throated Tit
33  Blue Whistling-Thrush
34  Blue-throated Barbet
35  Blue-winged Minla
36  Brown Dipper
37  Cheer Pheasant
38  Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch
39  Cinereous Tit
40  Coal Tit
41  Common Kingfisher
42  Common Myna
43  Common Rosefinch
44  Crested Kingfisher
45  Eurasian Jay
46  Eurasian Wren
47  Gray Bushchat
48  Gray Treepie
49  Gray-headed Woodpecker
50  Green-backed Tit
51  Himalayan Black-lored Tit
52  Himalayan Bulbul
53  Himalayan Monal
54  Himalayan Woodpecker
55  House Sparrow
56  Hume’s Warbler
57  Kalij Pheasant
58  Large-billed Crow
59  Lemon-rumped Warbler
60  Olive-backed Pipit
61  Plumbeous Redstart
62  Red Junglefowl
63  Red-billed Blue-Magpie
64  Red-billed Chough — Overhead in flight
65  Red-billed Leiothrix
66  Red-vented Bulbul
67  Red-wattled Lapwing
68  Rock Pigeon
69  Rufous Sibia
70  Rufous-breasted Accentor
71  Rufous-vented Tit
72  Russet Sparrow
73  Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler
74  Scaly-bellied Woodpecker
75  Scarlet Minivet
76  Shikra
77  Siberian Stonechat
78  Slaty-headed Parakeet
79  Snow Pigeon
80  Spotted Forktail
81  Spot-winged Rosefinch
82  Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler
83  Streaked Laughingthrush
84  Whistler’s Warbler
85  White-capped Redstart
86  Yellow-billed Blue-Magpie
87 * Maroon Oriole*
88 * Striated Laughingthrush*
89 * Variegated Laughingthrush*
90 *Bar-tailed Treecreeper*
91 *Chestnut-eared Bunting*
92 *Eurasian Gold Finch*
93 *Eurasian Sparrowhawk*
94 *Great Barbet*
95 *Green-tailed Sunbird*
96 *Little Forktail*
97 *Pink-browed Rosefinch*
98 *Red-fronted Serin*
99 *Speckled Piculet*
100 *Spotted Laughing Thrush*
101 *White Collared Blackbird*
102 *Yellow Breasted Green Finch*
103 *Yellow-bellied Fairy-Fantail*
104 Black Redstart
105 Egyptian Vulture
106 Jungle Owlet
107 Little Pied Flycacther
108 Oriental Turtle-Dove
109 Rufous Chinned Laughing Thrush
110 *Rufous fronted rock thrush*
Golden Jackal
Yellow Throated Marten
Himalayan Weasle
Himalayan Langoor