What do you like about it, they ask? Why do u always want to go there, they probe?
What do i tell them, I sometimes wonder!! It is the only place where i can find myself, where i enjoy life,  where I feel a true sense of belonging. Jungles, I just love them!!!

Growing up I remember watching Nat Geo more than cartoon network and the African wildlife films are what got me hooked to this crazy passion of wildlife observation and photography. I used to love the way films were shot, enjoyed the African lion hunting a wildebeest, leopards ambushing the gazelles, the cheetahs out running everyone and the hyenas out smarting everyone. Then one day they showed a film on tigers and Indian wildlife. I was 15 then and that was the time I decided that I wanted to be see everything that there is to offer in terms of wildlife in India.

Its been a long time since, and I can say that I have managed to see and photograph fair few of the amazing denizens of Indian forests. The journey of all these years has been full of ups and downs but I am pleased that along the way I have managed to accomplish few things like:-

  • Winning the Kirloskar Vasundhara photography competition held in Jalgaon in 2014 and 2018
  • Photos getting displayed in the prestigious DJMPC exhibition, Coimbatore
  • Photos getting displayed in the exhibitions held in Pune
  • Articles on Nagzira, Corbett getting published in Magazines.

Well if somewhere someday you see some crazy person sitting besides a lake in the forest or a river or on a mountain side observing the birds and animals around, it might just be Me!!!